Bedtime Snacks For Diabetics-Food Is Important

When you are not diabetic then bedtime snacks for diabetics might not seem very important to you. People who don’t have diabetes don’t need to put thought into the snacks they are going to have.


While thinking about snacking is important for diabetics it’s really important for those who deal with low blood sugar through the nights. Its important to eat something small before bed to try to keep everything steady with the diabetes.


However, you want to try to stay away from the foods that are high in calories. A good idea at bedtime is the protein with a few carbs in it as well. Even some healthy fat won’t hurt you. So when you set out for that bedtime snack there are a few things to consider which I will try to talk about in this article.


Couple Calories, No Sugar And Why Not A Few Carbohydrates


I know as diabetics we are told to take carbs out of our diet but believe it or not there are times when a small amount of carbs are a good option.


A few options that are good for you, low in sugar and calories are things like saltine crackers, nacho chips and even popcorn that isn’t drowning in butter. Fruits are good as well but fall more into the diet side of things. Yes I’m sure we all know there is sugar in fruit but Let’s face facts, this sugar is way better than opposed to the refined stuff.


Fruit can help you with your sweets cravings and the nice part about that is that it isn’t going to make your sugars go over the moon. In many cases you won’t even notice a difference with your sugars.


Yay Protein


When it comes to diabetes a very important aspect is to have protein in your diet. And when we are talking snacks before bedtime protein is right up there at the top of the list.


Proteins work so great because they help to off set the carbs and they also help to keep the sugar levels where they are supposed to be.


Some of the best protein snacks that I can think of right now is yogurt, peanut butter, skim milk, cheese and it’s okay to throw a few crackers into the mix. The important thing to remember is that when I say crackers I mean no more than 6 and only small amounts of cheese or peanut butter on them.


Try Out A Healthy Fat


When deciding on bedtime snacks for diabetics understand that there are healthy fats that are okay for you to eat. The thing to understand is the things that actually are not healthy fats.


Things that have lots of calories are not the healthy ones. So stuff like cakes, ice cream, and potato chips are a good example of foods you should stay away from.


So by now you are likely wondering really what a good fat is. Well I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Stuff that will work for you are some things like nut butters, avocados and all kinds of nuts. With the nuts you should try to stay away from seasoned or salted.


Portions Are Important


At the end of the day you need to remember you are having a snack and not a full-blown meal. Because of that you need to pay attention to the size of portions. You need to stay away from eating a lot at snack time.


Some examples when it comes to eating proper portions is like only a few saltines or maybe a cup of fruit. Only a tablespoon of peanut butter or other nut spreads. A couple small cookies that are okay for diabetics. Even a few cups of popcorn are okay.


Remember you are having a snack to keep your blood sugars where they are supposed to be. Snacking as a diabetic isn’t about going to bed with a full tummy.


At The End Of The Day


If you are diabetic by now you know you eat for the disease and everything else will take care of itself. The key is keeping your sugars at the levels they need to be. Diabetes is life changing and can be scary as well.


You need to stop worrying and move on with life. Yes you need to make some changes but at the end of the day once the changes are put in place they will just become second nature to you. I’m not going to lie. If you want to eat properly it’s not for lazy people. There are things you need to prepare. You need to do your homework, look at recipes, go shopping more often and so forth.


The reason you need to shop more often is that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables to help keep your sugars where they belong.


Personally I eat all day long. I am always snacking. When I say always it feels like I am forever stuffing something in my face. However, the fact of the matter is I am shoving things like tomatoes, cheese, nuts and other things that work well with my journey.


It took me a while to figure out what works for me. Everyone is different and you to will have to experiment and figure out what works for you. Once you do your life will become that much easier.


Who Am I?


My name is Dale and in and around June 2017 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At the beginning I was devastated and treated it like a death sentence. Finally, I decided to get off my butt and quit feeling sorry for myself.


That day I decided I would take this negative and turn it into a positive. I started eating right, loosing weight and getting my numbers down.


The other thing I started doing was getting educated. I decided to take the things I learn and to share them with the world. I love writing and really fall back on writing when things seem to go against odds in life. So feel free to check out the rest of my website.


As always if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as quick as I can.






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