Diabetes And Fast Food-Can We Really Eat It?

There is no walking away from diabetes and fast food. Neither one is going anywhere so the thing to do is try to discover the best ways to deal or not deal with the combination.


Its no secret that eating outside the home these days is the normal thing to do. I’m not going to say the right thing but it absolutely is happening more and more. We all know it’s called fast food for a reason. You order, you pay and you pick up. Doesn’t get much easier or faster than that.


While this can be a disaster to your diet and diabetes it’s all about how you handle things. The key to everything is portions and what you order. At a blink of an eye you could easily eat all your calories for the day from one big ole portion of fast food.


The good news in this entire scenario is with fast food you actually can make some positive choices. The problem most times is that it’s hard to figure out how to choose the meals properly. I’m hoping this article will give you some help on this subject.

Small Portions Are Key

In the long run it is actually a pretty simple system that you need to learn to follow. Take what you used to eat before you were diagnosed with diabetes and cut the portion down at least 25% and if you can cut it down by 50%


Of course almost all fast food places have the over size, mega size or any size that is bigger than normal. I’m going to say it really is a no brainer to stay away from those.
All you are doing with bigger servings is asking for trouble. Of course with bigger everything is bigger including calorie count, fats and all the added salts. So I’m here to tell you that your best bet is to order the junior or at the very most the regular meal.


By ordering these smaller meals you are still getting what you are craving but it is in a relatively healthier portion. At least at this point you are not destroying your body. At least not as fast.

Condiments Should Stay In The Container

You need to try to stay away from the toppings that are going to shoot sugars right into your system. You will learn which ones are better and which are terrible for you like ketchup being one of the worst since it carries huge amounts of sugar. These enormous amounts of sugar will send your sugars in your body sky-rocketing through your body.


Don’t worry though, you don’t need to have a tasteless boring burger. You can get flavor helpers in the form of stuff like mustard, tomatoes, onions and lettuce.
Another good thing to stay away from are the processed cheeses. Many people know that cheese is okay for a diabetic but it has to be real cheese as opposed to the processed stuff.
At the end of the day you may even want to switch meats to things like roast beef, pork, chicken or even a lean trimmed ham.

Salad, Salad, Salad

Of course by now as a diabetic we know that salads are good for us. Nope, not good but rather they are great. So if you are heading out to eat you may want to hit a place with a gigantic, fresh salad bar.


There are so many things you can eat in a salad bar like peppers, celery, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, salads and so much more. Actually some salad bars out there these days have way more than enough for a meal.


Quite often they also have healthy stuff like seeds and meats to add to your salad for the fats and proteins you need.
However, just like anything else many of these salad bars contain things that you need to stay away from such as salads like macaroni and potato. These not only are high in carbs but usually have lots of added mayo which is going to go straight to your sugar levels.

How About Ethnic Eats?

Now a days the fast food industry isn’t just burgers and fries. In fact many ethnic groups are getting in on the fast food frenzy.


There actually are some pretty good choices. Mexican has some fancy choices like fajitas, tacos and of course burritos. A good choice might be to choose chicken over beef.


Its also smart to increase the vegetable stuff like the lettuce, tomatoes and the yummy salsa. Of course you are going to want to indulge in the great taste of sour cream. This is good but you really do need to limit it to a small amount.


I’m not going to lie. In almost all cases pizza really isn’t diabetic friendly food. However with a couple tweaks you can have yourself a few pieces of pizza. Two biggest tweaks are this crust and use more vegetables for toppings.


When it comes to Chinese food I’m not going to even try to justify it, I guess if you are really careful there are a few things you can put on your plate. The problem with so much Chinese food is that it is either deep-fried or full of sodium.

You Need To Make The Choice

Fast food is a choice. Guilty or not it is still a decision that you are allowed to make. I know life is ever so busy and sometimes fast food is the easy choice. Trust me I’m not lecturing because I am just as guilty as the next person.


If it must be fast food than be sure to make your decision wisely. Only order something small to get you through and of course you can always have a snack later. At the end of the day remember if you take good care of your diabetes than going slightly off track on occasion is not going to hurt you.


My name is Dale and just under a year ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At first I was convinced I had just been given a life sentence. However through education I quickly found out I was wrong and that with some easy life style changes I could live almost a normal life.


I decided I to could help others who are living with this disease. Talking about diabetes and fast food is just one avenue. I am an avid blogger so I thought why not mix the two together.


If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.









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