Smoking and Diabetes-Why You should Quit

Smoking And Diabetes

Smoking at any time is terrible for you.  As a diabetic you are in enough danger already so why do you insist on making things worse.  Now I am diabetic but I am a non-smoker.  I am not one of these ex-smokers who preach on a daily basis on why smoking is bad.

  • I am a diabetic who is learning and trying to teach others what things are bad for you.  I am going to show you why smoking and diabetes doesn’t go well together.  Then at the end of this article I will tell you how I quit smoking so that maybe it will help you. To walk away from that dreaded habit.
  • As a smoker you chances of nerve damage is way higher.  Circulation of your blood is badly affected when you are a smoker.  Because of this nutrients are not being supplied to nerve endings like they should be.  In diabetics this becomes very obvious in feet.  Even the smallest little scratch that goes unnoticed could end up getting infected. Diabetics don’t fight infection in the feet so well and as a result lots of amputations happen in the case of foot infections in diabetics.
  • Painful joints multiply by two when you are a smoker.  So getting type two diabetes at say the age of 50 when your joints are already sore from life even complicates things further.  You end up being in twice as much pain just because you have the urge to light up.
  • Another factor with diabetes is kidney problems.  So now you decide to mix smoking and diabetes and what you get is even a higher probability of kidney problems.  Notice I said probability and not chance.  I don’t like people taking chances with their lives.
  • Rising blood pressure is very dangerous for your body.  More specifically it is dangerous for your heart.  Well smoking just intensifies that blood pressure that is also likely too high because of the diabetes you are suffering from.
  • If you are a smoker and have diabetes your chances of dying from some sort of heart disease is greatly much higher.  So far as a smoker things just aren’t looking very good for you.
  • Okay, as if things weren’t bad enough already here is a doozy.  I bet you didn’t know that smoking raises your blood sugars.  Remember you are diabetic and it is hard enough fighting to keep the numbers where they are supposed to be.  So why make things worse and add a cigarette to the mix.
  • And finally for today smoking also raises your cholesterol levels which of course raise chances of a heart attack.

I know as a smoker you are likely tired of hearing how much smoking is hurting you.  You were tired of it before and you are tired of it now that people are telling you that it’s even worse as a diabetic.

The fact of the matter is that it is very bad for you.  It’s all about decisions.  You should want to do everything possible to extend your life as long as possible and try and keep that time as healthy as possible.

In this post we just talked about how smoking and diabetes doesn’t go well together.  We haven’t even talked about things like cancer, emphysema and what not.  Come on you know smoking isn’t good so why not make the decision to quit.  I know you say easier said than done.

Well I wouldn’t be pushing it if I hadn’t done it.  I promised you my technique for quitting smoking so I will give it to you now.

How I Quit

Just over 7 years ago I had marked my 30th year of smoking.  By the time I quit I had been smoking two packs a day.

I always said I would never quit smoking.  I figured as human beings we are at least aloud a vice or two.  Smoking was my biggest one.  I loved smoking.  Loved a smoke with my coffee in the morning, before and after a meal, while driving, listening to music, before bed and every other reason in between.

3 months before my birthday which is May 6th I woke up and decided out of nowhere that I wanted to quit smoking.  Not sure where this was coming from but I knew it was time and I knew I had enough.  Of course I wasn’t going to quit that day but it was the day that I put my plan into motion.

So from that month I told myself and anyone who would listen that on my birthday in 3 months I was going to quit smoking.  I didn’t just say it that day but I would say it every day.  I would remind myself at least 100 times a day that on May 6th I would be quitting my 30 year habit.  Then I was sure to tell anyone I could on a daily basis.  This way I felt like I was keeping myself accountable.

Well just two and half months went by.  I was still doing what I said and holding myself accountable.  I had said it so much that I was really ready to quit a week before my birthday.  They just had no appeal to me anymore.  However I decided it was best to stick to the plan.  So I continued to smoke until the day of my birthday.

May 6th, 2010

So the day of my birthday arrived.  When I woke up that morning I still had ten smokes left.  Rather than throw them away I decided to smoke them.

We went out for lunch and after lunch I smoked my last cigarette.  That was the day I smoked my last cigarette just over 7 years ago.  I do have to say that was likely the best and smartest decision I have ever made in life.

Did I use any smoking deterrents?  I would be lying if I said no.  I used nicotine gum for three days and absolutely nothing after that.

Did I get grumpy?  Inside I was very grumpy, very anxious and wanting a cigarette so very bad.  However I worked very hard not to take this out on my family.  My wife says I was grumpy only one day and that was on day three.

It doesn’t mean you can’t us deterrents to quit smoking.  I did what worked for me and you should do what works for you.  No matter what the common ground is that smoking and diabetes just don’t mix so if you haven’t already then you likely should consider getting rid of this habit.

Anyways, I hope in some little way I have helped.

If you ever have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I will get to them as quickly as possible.


  1. Smoking is one of those vices I really don’t understand. It can’t feel good to be so dependable on something. And there is so much research done on how bad cigarettes are for you. They even put it on the box! You’ve got to know it isn’t good for you. Not to mention the financial burden of having a habit like that. Help me understand!



    • Its proven that its because of the chemicals in the cigarettes.  They say smoking is more addictive than heroin or cocaine.

  2. Holy moly! As if smoking or diabetes weren’t scary enough by themselves. Thanks for the great read. I’ll be sure to avoid both from here on.

  3. First things first – well done on sticking to your plan to stop smoking after so many decades. That in itself is a major achievement. You should be very proud of yourself. Well done for writing down your story and inspiring others to take action. That was a wonderful thing for you to do. I was just wondering what you are doing with all this extra time that you now have in your day?

    • lol I have no extra time.  I work full time moztvdays between 10 andc12 hours a day.  8 hours on Sat and Sunday.  My wife and I are raising our 6 yr old grandson.  I have lots of yard work and of course working on my website.  But thank you for the vote of confidence.

  4. You have a pretty amazing story that will be and encouragement for those that are trying to kick this bad habit. Why in the world would anyone who are fighting this illness want to add smoking to the picture. This is not very wise. Hopefully you post and what you have included will help them to give up smoking.

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